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In recognition of the fact that there can be tremendous physical and emotional differences between athletes in the 5th grade and those in the 8th grade, and in keeping with our philosophy of "more playing time for more players", we have expanded our basketball program to offer Developmental Teams for younger and inexperienced players. The goal for these teams is to focus more on practice and skill development than on games in order to help young players learn and master the skills necessary to play the game and to help prepare them for the rigors of interscholastic athletics. We anticipate that these players will gather once each week for a couple of hours with a skill development component, followed by a scrimmage, thereby enabling these younger players to develop and use basketball skills in preparation for the future on the more competitive basketball teams we offer as they grow. We do offer a more competitive program with practice and league play for boys in this age group with the skills and experience to really compete.

As coaches and facilities permit the James River Eagles offers a Developmental Basketball program for home schooled students aged 10 -14. The purpose of this program will be to learn and develop the skills necessary to play the game of basketball.  We will work on conditioning, dribbling and ball handling, shooting, footwork, defensive movement and positioning, and knowing the rules of the game.  Of course there will be time at the end to scrimmage!  If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Director, Rich Mills at [email protected].

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| Developmental Training for all levels continues after the season. |