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| Lending Library & Resource Center |

Our Lending Library now has it's own website - www.homeschoollibrary.org or just Click here!
Pine Street Baptist Church   |   400 South Pine Street  |   Richmond, Virginia

Library Memberships: $10.00 per family per year and collected at the start of the school year.

Library hours vary from week to week, so visit the Lending Library website at www.homeschoollibrary.org for up-to-date hours!

We currently have over 8,000 books, resources, and curriculum products to help you with your homeschooling needs and new items are being added.  We hope to be able to continue to offer an extensive and one-of-a-kind library and we are constantly accepting donations of new and used items.

Our full library catalog is available to view online at the Visit the Library link, and memberships are available for $10 per family per year. The LLRC is currently housed at Pine Street Baptist Church, located at 400 S. Pine Street in Richmond, VA.  Street parking is available or you can click here for a map of the available parking.

Various History, Science, Art, Music, and French Clubs are also offered at the Lending Library/Resource Center for free, and they are open to all ages who enjoy working with their hands while learning. Click here for additional information about the clubs.

**We also have a weekly drop off and pick up location during the school year at James River Cobblestones.

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