| Our Goals |

1. To make a lasting contribution to the community at large by encouraging home-schooled students to maximize their God-given abilities while developing in discipline and Godly character.

2. To offer and organize educational programs that will encourage home-schooled students to strive for academic excellence.

3. To offer and organize performing arts programs for the enrichment and development of home-schooled students.

4.To offer and organize interscholastic, recreational, and developmental sports programs for the physical strengthening and training in discipleship of home-schooled students.

5. To acquire or construct a multi-purpose facility to serve the Virginia home school community.

6. To add programs and activities consistant with our mission and goals as approved by the Board of Directors.

7. To provide programs based on Biblical principles and precepts so that Virginia home-schooled students will one day, as productive members of society, utilize their abilities and leadership skills to teach, train, and encourage future generations.

8. To glorify God in all that we endeaver to do.